Huang Yi Cong Foundation



About Huang Yicong Foundation

Huang Yicong Foundation was initiated in 2006 by Jackson Wijaya Limantara, founder and sole shareholder of Paper Excellence, a privately-held global manufacturer of pulp and specialty, printing and writing, and packaging papers, and Olivia Yu, his wife. The Foundation supports important causes in China, including helping the disadvantaged, appeasing the young and the old, and building a better society. The Foundation was acknowledged as a nonprofit organization from Ministry of Civil Affairs in May of 2010.

The Foundation represents a further extension of the long history of the Wijaya family’s charity work, which has been present in China since the beginning of the 1990s. In fact, the Foundation was named after Mr. Wijaya’s grandfather. The founding endowment of RMB20 million came partially from the wedding gift Mr. Wijaya and Ms. Yu received.

Huang Yicong Foundation expands the philanthropic tradition -- a deeply rooted overseas Chinese giving culture aiming at supporting China's civil society, helping the disadvantaged, appeasing the young and the old, and building a better society. Its core development via two channels, i.e. grant-making support as well as self-operating programs.


The Foundation focuses its work on funding and actively participating in areas such as:

  • Implementation of internship programs in partnership with grass-root nonprofit organizations and recruit college students to get hands-on philanthropic skills;
  • Dedication in programs on poverty alleviation especially in education and economic enhancement in rural areas;
  • Provision of disaster relief funds;
  • Implementation of extracurricular activities in partner schools;
  • Fund sponsorship in medical institutions; and
  • Support of cutting-edge scientific projects development.

The Foundation values efficiency and transparency. It discloses relevant information through its website and social media such as WeChat on a timely basis. The Foundation’s transparency has been recognized through strong evaluations by the China Foundation Center (CFC), a prestigious civil organization that helps non-profit organizations improve their operations in China.