Huang Yi Cong Foundation




  1. Support and Reward:
    1. Assist in educational causes and help school-age (preschool) children and young adults to obtain better educational qualities;
    2. Set up scholarships and awards to reward outstanding young students in their academic or non-academic performances, and subsidize outstanding students with family difficulties;
    3. Actively provide grants to areas and people suffering from natural disasters such as storms, earthquakes, floods etc. Help individuals and groups suffering from hazards, emergencies and accidents;
    4. Support major national development, construction and research work.
  2. Promote the development of philanthropy:
    1. Support young people to participate in philanthropic work, and reward outstanding non-profit institutions, student extra-curriculum clubs that take part in such tasks;
    2. Participate in and provide philanthropic assistance in areas of culture, sports and environmental protection;
    3. Organize volunteer activities in various types and encourage people to participate in;
    4. Provide grants to individuals and groups that have made outstanding contributions in the fields of education, medical treatment, culture, environmental protection and other social work.
  3. Actively participate in and incorporate partnership with nonprofit organizations in China and abroad, and actively explore the development of a healthy philanthropic or humanitarian causes.