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Morning Star Scholarship

  "Morning Star scholarship" is a scholarship for high school students in remote areas in China. It is funded by Ms. Minghua Lin, the wife of Mr. Zhiyuan Huang who is the Chairman of APP China. Ms. Lin has always been warm-hearted about charity work and equal opportunity for education in rural China.

  Since the spring semester of 2018, "Morning Star scholarship" has been set up in cities and provinces as follows.

  Qinzhou No.1 High School, Qinzhou No.2 High School, and Fangcheng Experimental High School in Guangxi Autonomous Region respectively.

  Huining No.1 High School in Gansu Province.

  Through the scholarship program, Ms. Lin hopes that it can help relieve the financial pressure of the students from disadvantages families, and encourage the students to perform better and strive for a brighter future.

  The students write greeting letters to Ms. Lin from time to time to share with her their school life and personal feelings, and express their gratitude. Every year the foundation also pays them a visit on behalf of the donor. Some students have been invited to participate in "Yicong capacity building summer camp”in Shanghai.