Huang Yi Cong Foundation



Yicong Scholarship

Yicong Scholarship, a joint program of both APP China and the Foundation since year 2011 is awarded to excellent students in high schools in rural areas. These schools include Guangxi Nanning No.2 High School, Nanning No.3 High School, Qinzhou No.1 High School, Qinzhou No.2 High School, Beibu Bay High School, Gansu Huining No.1 High School, Dongfanghong High School and other seven high schools that once were part of the awarding schools.

The prerequisites quality of "Yicong scholarship" is based on both excellent academic performance and merits. Each year, the Foundation visit the schools and hold a round-table talk with the awardees. The purpose is to show spiritual support to the students and give them encouraging words.

Starting from 2016, the Foundation runs a free summer camp program on capacity building to further connect the scholarship awardees and help to strengthen their capacity and skills in various areas. In 2019, the Foundation partner with Tomoroe Education and Charity Development Center and introduce a on-line workshop on various topics to help high school students broaden their understanding of future career choices.