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We Love Sports

It has almost become a national advocacy that fitness for youth is a primary educational policy. If the youth is strong, the country is strong. Physical exercise can not only strengthen the students’ physical condition and the willpower, but also enhance their attention, learn to face the consequence whether win or lose. In addition, they also learn how to work as a team and group honor. In order to incorporate these merits in young children, the Foundation has decided to work with our former partner school Yumiao Elementary School in Shanghai.

Yumiao Elementary School is a 1-5 grade school located in Minhang District, a suburban school with students from migrant-worker families. In 2013, the Foundation implemented a paper project “Love Your Paper” at Yumiao School and has laid a good working foundation since. This new project intends to introduce in-depth basketball spirit among the students. This pilot project will help the Foundation to better learn what impact the sports spirit will have among them.

Since Yumiao School has difficulty in finding a regular physical education teacher, the Foundation funded the school by hiring a profession trainer to help train the team on a regular basis. The Foundation will observe and evaluate the results from time to time to see the effect and take it as an example for further promotion.

Photos: students’ practice on campus.