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One Plus One Matching Fund

Since 2012, the Foundation has teamed up with corporate employees in Shanghai to carry out a monthly giving activity to schools in remote areas in Northwest China. This activity originally came from an enthusiastic co-worker. Every month RMB100 is taken out from volunteers paycheck and given to a student in the designated schools. After running for a few months, the program received positive feedback and more volunteers joined in. At present, the number of volunteers is stable at about 100, and the number of assisted students is stable at about 160. Thanks to long-term supporters as well as new-comers.

In addition, the Foundation matched each donation with equivalent amount in help with school supplies in sports, playground construction, solar lighting system, books and libraries, musical instruments, and etc. As of 2021, this program covers Huining County of Gansu Province, Xunhua County of Qinghai Province, and Hongsibu County of Ningxia Province.

According to internal statistics, 26% of the participants have joined the program for more than 5 years. In addition, more than 10 volunteers who have left the company are still in the program. By the end of 2021, about RMB1.79 million have been donated by volunteers with equivalent matching fund by the Foundation. This program is a bridge between developed cities and remote areas and an extension of the foundation's philanthropic cause. Children send letters and warm greetings to their sponsors from time to time. The Foundation also visit these children on behalf of the volunteers on a yearly basis. Volunteers also send children letters and holiday gifts. 

Music from the Mountain Top!The fund came from the matched part of the original program which is designed for corporate volunteers to engage in children’s needs in northwest China.
2023-02-10 14:57:24