Huang Yi Cong Foundation



Yicong Internship Program

Yicong internship program is a philanthropic project that encourages college students to take advantage of their summer time to intern at selected local non-profit organizations. It allows college students to participate in day-to-day operations and learn how to systematically plan and help in terms of philanthropic projects. This program offers college students the opportunity of first-hand experience. It also helps the participating organizations with extra resources to share the workload.

The partner NPOs provide training and supervision to ensure the interns understand their job-scope and responsibility. The Foundation provides stipends and covers necessary insurance to the students and management cost to the organizations.

Since the inception in 2010, the program has been implemented over 11 years across these cities -- Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing, the Pearl River Delta, Chengdu, Wuhan and most recently. Tianjin. During internship, the students not only complete the assigned tasks under the one-on-one or one-on-two mentor guidance but also keeps a bi-weekly journal with words, photos and video clips and share with the Foundation. Through journals and on-site visits, does the Foundation ensure the quality of the process each internship carries out.

Toward the completion of the internship, the Foundation will organize a sharing event in each city and award teams and individuals with outstanding performance. Over the past 12 years, 558 students in six cities and areas have completed their internship. In the future, the Foundation expects to attract more dedicated NPOs and college students in more cities to participate in this program. We also hope through this program, more young students have hands-on experience and know how to get involved, organize activities to support social causes wherever they are.